Feb 29, 2012

Carnage | Roman Polanski

This week is last weeks screening of the film CARNAGE (Gott des Gemetzels) un film de Roman Polanski in Munich. Finaly I have to cut some late working hours to see this well-reviewed film.

I rarely had that much FUN in cinema for the last years. Roman Polanskis new film (based on a theatre play of Yasmina Reza) is the ultimate projection of our society.

The four characters (a phenomenal cast) are defined perfectly and at the time you think that this "living-room sit-in" could not get any more absurd the most unexpected twist turns this 80 minute encounter of these two couples (played by Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz, Jodie Foster and John C. Reilly) into a pure freak show of peeling off layers and layers of social politeness.

The best chamber drama of this years cinema season I think!

[© poster: saïd ben saïd]

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Feb 17, 2012

Marina Abramovic | The artist is present

the artist is present

The hardest thing is to do something which is close to nothing.

The last years I always have been to the Berlinale film festival watching at least 4 films a day or more. This year I heavily reduced this number to one film a day. This year I actually see something of Berlin as well besides cinemas, busses and the underground.

There is one film I want to pick out: I was especially moved by the new documentary "The artist is present" about Marina Abramovic and her preparation for her major retrospective of her work, in the museum or modern art in New York from March to May 2012. I am not very much a fan of performance art, but this film in particular has taught me to give this certain form of art at least a chance.

Very pure, very touching, extraordinary moving. Her work is radical but the piece at the MOMA is beyond radical. In my point of view she transformed the most meaningful expression of us humans into a piece of art: LOOKING SOMEONE INTO HIS EYES AND BYOND THEM.

[© photo Marco Anelli]

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Feb 8, 2012

Santino Primavera der Salon

Over the last months I was developing an identity and a website for Santino Primavera. A star-hairdresser from in Munich. It was a huge project which started in November and last friday the saloon had its opening party.

It was so much fun working together with this young, feisty and creative italian.  Thank you, for your undivided faith and the artistic freedom Santino! This is very rare among customers. And it helps to let the project grow organically. I really like this.

Santino Primavera der Salon is a very stylish and chic saloon and so we went for a stylish and chic graphic appearance. Unfortunately the embossed black printing with GMUND PAPER has been deferred.

Still. The whole design turned out MOLTO BELLO anyway!
Have a look yourself!

or visit his website: www.santinoprimavera.de

(The only thing I am really wondering about is, that he is my third hairdresser that asks me for an identity. Of course it proofs that Munich has thousands of hairdressers of course. Still. I guess I have to go to London if I want to design fashion brands.)

[© photo Frl. Pfeiffer]

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Feb 8, 2012

Phoebe Lesch | My responsive masterpiece

Phoebe Lesch is a sculptor from Munich who currently lives in Italy. I really adore her work and I am really glad that I was able to design her online portfolio.

Presenting art through design is a difficult topic and I was very surprised that the communication between the designer and the artist went so smoothly. No interference at all. The opposite: it was a great symbiosis.

Also the communication between the designer and the web developer (Marcus Nickel) was very constructive within this project. The result is a responsive masterpiece. Simple and stunning on every device. Look for yourself!

Or visit the artists website: www.phoebelesch.net

[© Frl.Pfeiffer]

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Jan 28, 2012

Last nights last minute idea

Which freelancer – in any business area – has not experienced it? You are invited to an opening, very special people, press, TV, hopefully future clients. First question (at least for women): What to wear? Second question: Why haven't I decided which one of my business card ideas to print yet?

DIY – is this weeks motto it seems. So I did.

I really like the way the idea turned out. It was so much fun to experiment and again I made my hands dirty. The best thing was, that the few people I handed out a card to (the reality is that there were not too many future clients present at last nights event) loved it very much. I let them choose a colour... and I am sure – especially to the non-creative business people – these crayons left an  impression.

[© Fräulein Pfeiffer ]

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Jan 25, 2012

DIY Wave

Do It Yourself is everywhere and the last two years it really spread around my circle of friends. There is nothing better than finishing a project and finally realizing that you have a free afternoon in front of you...

Since my wheat allergy has stopped me from eating sweets (and pizza or anything unhealthy "wheaty" thing nearly) I decided to mess around in my recently very unused kitchen.

Banana-Chocolate Muffins.
The recipe for the chocolate muffins I got at smittenkitchen my very favorite recipe website. To pimp the muffins a little bit I did roast little pieces of banana with honey and mixed it under the dough.
Unfortunately the muffins did not really raise (due to the spelt-flour or the bananas maybe) but they taste delicious anyway.

I love to get my hands dirty once in a while! And now you have to excuse me, I have 23 muffins to eat.

[photo © Fräulein Pfeiffer]

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Jan 15, 2012

Books under the christmas tree

I am a big fan of books under the christmas tree. In my digital dominated world I fall for the smell and the paper and the weight of books. If I am reading a heavy book I read it lying on my belly, a small book I take with me in my bag, a paperback book I read during a bath, a special hardcover book I treat specially as well, a book with important sentences I often underline them, a book with a beloved story I read again,...

If I am reading books on the ipad? > certainly no. Too many hours per day I stare into a screen anyway...

This year there were two very special books under the christmas tree that I would like to recommend:

"KREATIVITÄT AUSHALTEN - Psychologie für Designer" Frank Brezbach

A very special book about working as a designer in all its facets. It makes you think about your way of work and you instantly start analyzing your own working situation. I found it very helpful. Besides the very interesting content it is very nicely chaptered and it has an extraordinary beautiful typedesign. A must for every designer.



After his first book "MUT ZUM SKIZZENBUCH" his second book is even more inspirational. The author dropped a dab of paint on every single book. So there are thousands of unique copies. Just one of the books you want to possess to put in your design and art library.

Well, I gave the one I bought to my dad as a christmas present >> so easter is coming soon just for you to know ;)

I do enjoy looking at my dads paintings inspired by this book though.

[photo © Frank Berzbach und Felix Scheinberger | Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz]

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Jan 1, 2012

Manifesto 2012

# more art

# more beauty

# more time for important thoughts

# more handmaking

# more risk

# more output

# more reading

# more fresh air

# more laughing

# more cello

# more baking

# more thinking first about myself

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Dec 12, 2011

Every new Day

The new year is arriving and so are the thoughts about a new calendar. Planners and organizers are my passion. If I could, I would have at least 5 of them. Sadly this would make more mess, than it would help to organize myself.

I have kept all my calendars since I was 13. It is a pretty nice collection. And once in a while on a lazy sunday I would take them out of the box take a trip down memory lane.

Every December I am getting really excited about searching the ONE for the upcoming year. To pick the right one, can be very difficult. It has to have a beautiful design and needs a practical layout, it has to have the right size and can not be to heavy.  I will look at it every day, so it has to be love at first sight.

There are so many different ones – fun ones, amazing ones, just nice to look at ones, functional ones,...

Here are my TOP EIGHT that have been in the inner selection for 2012:


TYPODARIUM – The Daily Dose of Typography




TYYP – with different types of paper and special designers infos (for example, DIN scales) equipped


LAUREL DENISE – the concept and layout is very well thought trough. (My very precious one for 2012)


BUBBLE CALENDAR – pop a bubble every day


POCKET CALENDAR and SKETCHBOOK by Peter Bi?ak – very beautiful indeed – seen at TYPOTHEQUE – comes with a grid to design your own type.


TYPOGRAPHIC WALL CALENDAR by Harald Geisler – not that new, but still amazing that modern vintage touch


DOT ON – a simple and functional way to organize projects throughout the year (This wall calendar is already hanging at my studio wall waiting for its dots)


There is only one more thing to do...to design my very own Frl. Pfeiffer calendar for 2013...

[© Typodarium, Phage, Tyyp, Laurel Denise, Bubble Calendar, Peter Bil'ak, Harald Geisler, DotOn]

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Dec 1, 2011

iD-institute > Design around the world

THANK YOU iD-institute for featuring Frl. Pfeiffer to be presented in your directory among such big names.

Today a new global network is launched and will present its website INTERNATIONAL DESIGN INSTITUTE in Hong Kong at the Inno Design Tech Expo. The iD-institute is built as transnational platform for professional creatives. It is a network for designers, universities, clients and all the stuff for the business in-between. Starting in Germany, Switzerland, UK, Denmark, Austria, China, South Korea and Japan the iD-institute will help to connect creatives globally and find creatives locally.

With a beautiful design and a simple navigation system – besides all the designers, organizations and universities who are listed – there is a bunch of great tools and extra information like sample contracts, information about legal issues and the iD-safe for example: Timestamps for your ideas to protect property rights.

... I am still very flattered: EDENSPIEKERMANN, METADESIGN, FRL. PFEIFFER, MUTABOR DESIGN... and many more.

Such masters AND ME ;)
Anyway it feels good to be surrounded by idols.

[© screenshots from iD-institute website]

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