Jan 1, 2013

And a happy new year...

Happy new Year!

... and be the lucky one this year, damn it!

Nov 25, 2012

Design Sponge

Design Sponge

I am recently re-decorating my apartment and throughout my online research I came across this really fantastic blog Design Sponge. They provide a wide range of interesting information related to interior design and design and creating at home in general. DIY, sneak peeks, cities, before and afters, entertainment, products and much more ..
Whether if you want to start a craft project, make a meal, plan a trip or throw a party Design Sponge is a very helpful source for ideas and inspiration.

I mostly love the sneak peeks, where they show pictures of very creative homes – all with a very special style and personal touch. In addition to the explanation of the owners themselves this site really inspires and motivates me in many terms. It is so good to know that other people as well put a lot of thinking in making their homes beautiful an appealing without spending a high amount on money at the same time.

[©  Design Sponge ]

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Oct 29, 2012

Dark shadows over Val Sinestra

Dunkle Schatten über Val Sinestra

What is Live Action Role Playing like?

Well, I didn't quite knew until I was invited to one. It was a superior experience and a sensational setting: A therapy curation center in 1941. But not just one simple recreation house, no. Val Sinestra is a REAL recreation center built in the early 20th century now functioning as a hotel. It is located the middle of the swiss alpes – picturesque, frightening, scary and imposing.
One weekend with spa guests, doctors, nazis, underground fighters, desateurs, ghost whisperers, formative converters, village idiots, criminal investigators, miss housekeepers, ... The main character was doctor Nadig who became famous through his arsen therapy far beyond the borders of Switzerland.

The setting has been very close to the historical constellation. As soon as you arrive, you are playing your role already. I was assigned to play the role of Alice Sutter.  A Swiss student and member of the Zürich communistic cell.  You try to imagine the roles charakter, you dress like 1941 and use accessories of former times. You are thrown back into a whole different time. All the other participants as well are dressed differently and talk like they were talking in the second world war. Only the official gameleaders and their appearance according to the 21st century was a constant reminder that it was only a game.

I found it difficult to find out during the two days what the game was really about. The game and its progress is shaped by the actions of the other players and not set.

Even though I have been brutally murdered on a suspension bridge and died a honoring heroic death - Alice Sutter had a glorious time. It was interesting how hard it is to let go of ones own behavior, where yet the assigned role is characterized so differently.

Whether role playing or not. Val Sinestra is certainly worth a visit for hiking, relaxing and creepy feelings.
(This old building and its surroundings are so amazingly special that they have done a whole horror movie there recently: www.fensterzumjenseits.com)

[© photo Frl.Pfeiffer]

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Oct 16, 2012

Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble 01

Apple Crumble 02

Apple Crumble 03

Apple Crumble 04

My husband does really LOVE my austrian special sweet backery. BUT, there is one thing he claims the americans have done pretty well: The Apple Crumble! Now during apple season we do have one nearly every 3rd day. Also because it is just too simple:

1) 5 big sour apples
> wash them, cut them in little cubes and put a bit lemon juice on top (and mix grated nuts among it), spread it in the baking dish

2) mix 100g butter and 100g brown sugar together with 175g flour (and a bit of cinnamon) 
> with the mixer and crumble it over the apples

3) backing at 200° degrees for 30 minutes

4) afterwords served with vanilla ice cream, cherries or blackberrys or something like that – the hotter the better!
And be quick, because if you start "crumbling" suddenly there are only crumbles left!

Bon appetit! And happy birthday grandma!

[ © Frl.Pfeiffer]

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Aug 19, 2012

The kingg

FrlP Blog 12 08 01 the king and the princess

"and the kingg didn't wantet to gife the princes awaey. tat pig." So true. This signboard was lying in the park and after some resarch I found the source of this sweet sentence that seems like a "german Miranda July": Buchkinder Leipzig an association that encourages children in "free writing" no matter if the words are written correctly or if the sentence makes sense.

These books made by children, make perfect sense though. Often silk screen or linoleum printed, they present a unique source of childhood phantasy and primordial story writing. What a beautiful, honoring idea publishing these stories and illustrations.
Many of these books imply the genuine view of a child's world. This exact world I do go back once in a while, for health care reasons and creative inspiration only of course...

[© Buchkinder Leipzig]

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Jul 29, 2012

Amanda Wachob Art Tattoo

FrlP Blog Amanda Wachob art tattoo 01

FrlP Blog Amanda Wachob art tattoo 02

FrlP Blog Amanda Wachob art tattoo 03

I am surfing the web on a beautiful sunday morning and stumbling upon these beautiful art tattoos. I LOVE them. I have never seen something like that. Amanda Wachob is the name to remember. She creates this amazing piece of art on skin. Amanda Wachob is a New York based artist and isn't only involved within the tattoo business but creates visual art beyond skin as well.
Magazines have reviewed her work already since 2007. Why do I only notice her art now?!

From now on I am starting to save some money, to go to New York and get one of these stunning colored brushstrokes. Well, guess I have to try to get an appointment first. Fully booked nearly a year in advance! These busy women in the arts, tzzz.

[© photos Amanda Wachob]

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Jul 6, 2012

Bella Roma

frlp blog 120701 roma 01frlp blog 120701 roma 02

Visiting Rome always feels like attending a lecture about art history. I love wandering through these streets. Every stone seems meaningful and this city is full of history, power and beauty. I have got to admit that staying in Rome makes me feel small and leaves me speechless.

All this beauty matters somehow – this is what I miss in design every now and then. That even though things are beautiful, they don't seem to signify nothing.

Besides all that impressive and overwhelming feelings of significance there is one more thing I love about Rome and Italy in common – Italian food!

[© photos Frl.Pfeiffer]

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Jun 16, 2012

Picnic Time

frlp blog 120602 picnic 01

There is nothing wrong to spend the frist summersaturday (and my birthday by the way) with all my beloved friends and family at a lovely picnic in the english garden in the middle of the green heart in Munich. Is there?!

[© photo Frl.Pfeiffer]

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Apr 9, 2012

Pasta – homemade...

We had friends over for dinner today. So what to cook?

Just recently we found our old noodle-machine in the very back of our kitchen-drawer, so we thought why not prepare dinner together and make a big kitchen-action.

Everybody loved it. It is much more fun to prepare your own meal, the kids loved it and the pasta tasted delicious just with butter and garden sage. Not to forget about the perfect spinach-garlic-pine-nut pesto.
Yummmm... so get you hands dirty out there!

(By the way: Try not to start making your own pasta with an empty stomach, it my take a while, but it is worth every minute!)

[© photo Frl. Pfeiffer]

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Mar 31, 2012

Magic Table Theatre

It seems I am having a magic month. No night circus arrived in Munich as far as I know and thats why I have decided to take part at a similar event... well not so similar indeed but still it was a night to wonder: KRIST & MÜNCH MAGIC TABLE THEATRE.

I was sitting in the first row... the magician was in front of my nose really. It was definitely magic. The magician gave me 4 coins, out of metal, real silver coins (I had time enough testing them) into my open hand. I should close the hand and hold the 4 coins in my well closed fist. Turn it around, and then open it again: 3 coins!! He made one coin disappear. Impossible. I didn't feel any weight loss, nothing...

And this was just the beginning of the show. If you want to spend an evening wondering it is the perfect place to go, very charming and cosy theatre with around 40 seats and very likable magicians anyway. A stunning show you will remember for a very long time.

There is nothing better than turning the world upside down and looking at it in a way you have never been looking with your sane mind.

[© photo Krist and Münch | qzwei.com]

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