May 30, 2012

Marcus Nickel

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The new website for my super hero web developer is online!!

Nearly every website I have created in the last few years he is responsible for the code, even mine. He needed logo and a new look for his website and I was very happy that finally I was able to make up and give back a bit of all this energy he was putting into all of my web-projects so far.

A project that shows the fantastic results of a work done by two co-workers hand in hand with passion and love for details. Simple and stylish, a bit nerdy and still very sophisticated. Loved to design all these icons!

Thank you very much Marcus, I hope we will work together on great future projects for many, many years.

PS: Testing the site on all the different browsers and devices has been quite an experience ;)

[© Frl.Pfeiffer]

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Feb 8, 2012

Santino Primavera der Salon

Over the last months I was developing an identity and a website for Santino Primavera. A star-hairdresser from in Munich. It was a huge project which started in November and last friday the saloon had its opening party.

It was so much fun working together with this young, feisty and creative italian.  Thank you, for your undivided faith and the artistic freedom Santino! This is very rare among customers. And it helps to let the project grow organically. I really like this.

Santino Primavera der Salon is a very stylish and chic saloon and so we went for a stylish and chic graphic appearance. Unfortunately the embossed black printing with GMUND PAPER has been deferred.

Still. The whole design turned out MOLTO BELLO anyway!
Have a look yourself!

or visit his website:

(The only thing I am really wondering about is, that he is my third hairdresser that asks me for an identity. Of course it proofs that Munich has thousands of hairdressers of course. Still. I guess I have to go to London if I want to design fashion brands.)

[© photo Frl. Pfeiffer]

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Feb 8, 2012

Phoebe Lesch | My responsive masterpiece

Phoebe Lesch is a sculptor from Munich who currently lives in Italy. I really adore her work and I am really glad that I was able to design her online portfolio.

Presenting art through design is a difficult topic and I was very surprised that the communication between the designer and the artist went so smoothly. No interference at all. The opposite: it was a great symbiosis.

Also the communication between the designer and the web developer (Marcus Nickel) was very constructive within this project. The result is a responsive masterpiece. Simple and stunning on every device. Look for yourself!

Or visit the artists website:

[© Frl.Pfeiffer]

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Dec 1, 2011

iD-institute > Design around the world

THANK YOU iD-institute for featuring Frl. Pfeiffer to be presented in your directory among such big names.

Today a new global network is launched and will present its website INTERNATIONAL DESIGN INSTITUTE in Hong Kong at the Inno Design Tech Expo. The iD-institute is built as transnational platform for professional creatives. It is a network for designers, universities, clients and all the stuff for the business in-between. Starting in Germany, Switzerland, UK, Denmark, Austria, China, South Korea and Japan the iD-institute will help to connect creatives globally and find creatives locally.

With a beautiful design and a simple navigation system – besides all the designers, organizations and universities who are listed – there is a bunch of great tools and extra information like sample contracts, information about legal issues and the iD-safe for example: Timestamps for your ideas to protect property rights.

... I am still very flattered: EDENSPIEKERMANN, METADESIGN, FRL. PFEIFFER, MUTABOR DESIGN... and many more.

Such masters AND ME ;)
Anyway it feels good to be surrounded by idols.

[© screenshots from iD-institute website]

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Oct 21, 2011

A cool tool.

solo software

I have to admit, I am a very disciplined and organized person. My friends, my family and also my clients can proof that. But, once in a while a girl needs some tools to help her organize her daily working life!

I have tested the software SOLO – a tool - especially developed for freelancers – to help with the project management. Dashboard, Projects, Planner, Timesheets, Invoice, Messages, Contacts ... everything there – I believe it is the most beautiful management software I have seen so far.

I think it is definitly worth a 100 Euros per year. Saving time and nerves is always worth some money.

[photo © thrivesolo]

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Oct 17, 2011

Responsive Design

responisve design

Nowadays webdesign is a battlefield.

I like to observe people and you do learn a lot by observing indeed. Sitting in the subway and watching other people furiously tipping with two fingers on their smartphones makes me chuckle. I am getting tiered myself by trying to scale all those websites on my little smartphonescreen.

BUT. There is help.

It is called Responsive Design. A design concept that is suited for every resolution and window width – from smartphones until the huge cinema desktop screen. It uses fluid grids, flexible images and media queries. It is getting more popular every day – finally also the big newspapers are getting a responsive REdesign.

The graphic above shows the development of the surfing behavior. 2014 there will be more mobile internet users than desktop monitor internet users. (source: Morgan Stanley)

Is your website prepared?

Nearly every client wants to have a mobile solution for their website. Well, today there are so many mobile devices and there will be even more in the future. Composing a website with responsive design is a huge challenge. The fluid design has to be brilliant in all the different formats with all the different window widths, user preferences, screen resolutions, browsers,...

The site has to adjust automatically and no matter which device is used, the design should stay as functional and beautiful at every size. Hopefully this makes the web not only more functional but also prettier – at least the webdesigners have to think deeply about what they are intending.

Lets get responsive!

Your site needs a responsive REdesign? Contact me
Together with my master of code Mr. Marcus Nickel I will make your website special!

[graphic: source © morgan stanley research]

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