Jan 1, 2013

And a happy new year...

Happy new Year!

... and be the lucky one this year, damn it!

Jul 11, 2012

Music Video Premiere

A year ago I produced a music video for the new album song "Eine Sekunde von mir" of the new album "Herzton" by Poenitsch&Jakopic two very talented musicians from Munich.

They gave me total artistic freedom. It is pure, experimental and different – conceptualized, shot and composed with love and detailed delicacies. I still love it – and still saying this one year after makes me very happy!

Today is the Pre Release Party of the Song at the nightclub Harry Klein in Munich... so let's collect some seconds and have a look!

[© Frl.Pfeiffer]

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Jun 27, 2012

Molz Fotografie

frlp blog 120604 molz fotografie 01frlp blog 120604 molz fotografie 02frlp blog 120604 molz fotografie 03frlp blog 120604 molz fotografie 02

It is always great when people decide to turn their beloved hobby into a profession. Michael Molzar did so. A photographer from Vienna who decided to have fun at work in three different genres: sports, weddings, children. He asked me to develop a very new and different corporate identity. So I did.

Do you know the legend about tangram? I guessed that capturing the beauty of the world within just one rectangle goes very well with what a photographer does. Michael very much liked this idea and I was glad he has chosen this special concept for his corporate look.
His nickname always has been MOLZ so we used that name and I developed a tangram-like logotype using the "O" as a camera icon. This icon - isolated from the logotype - is perfect as a very reserved watermark for his pictures. Further, me and my trainee Annika had so much fun playing tangram on the computer and developing this three genre-icons in addition to the logotype and the watermark.

Definitely MOLZ FOTOGRAFIE will not only attract one's attention through his marvelous photographs but also catch one's eye through its very outstanding corporate clothing, ...

[© Frl.Pfeiffer]

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Jun 21, 2012

Bavarian Summer

frlp blog 120603 bavarian summer 01
frlp blog 120603 bavarian summer 02

Every 5th yeas Eric Bongwald is having a party at his hair saloon. A christmas party, a 10th-year-aniversary party and this year it is the bavarian summer party.

He asked me to design his invitation cards and I have got to say that I pretty enjoyed it. Bavarian design can be so easy and simple and still good looking. Always loved those blue rhombuses anyway. What a simple corporate design Bavaria is having there... Brezels, Beer and Rhombuses!

[© Frl.Pfeiffer]

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Jun 14, 2012

Spiral | Origami Art Design

frlp blog 120601 spiral origami book 01frlp blog 120601 spiral origami book 02
frlp blog 120601 spiral origami book 03

It is finally ready! The book has been printed, refined, bound and is ready to be sold.
Two years ago Paulo Mulatinho from Viereck Verlag started this project together with Tomoko Fuse, a very famous origami artist from Japan. It should be the most astonishing book in Origami – and it is!

Not only the content itself, the graphic design, the layout and concept, the photographs are astonishing, but also the embossing on the hardcover and the sleeve leave a big impression already at the very first moment when you are about to flip through the first pages. 348 pages of elegance and beauty, mesmerizing photographs and "want-to-fold-too" paper spirals. Not only for Origami-lovers but also for designers in every terms, architects and photographers... this is one of the books you simply want to own and show off with on your coffee table.

I only have been part of this process the last four months, but I can tell you it has been very intense from the first hour I was working on this project. I was working with a great team, with very good spirit and endless energy until the bitter end. We had more than one night we spent in front of the computer and more than one valley to stride – but all this lead to this very beautiful piece of Design.
Four months with nearly nothing but spirals – I am glad I was part of this. It was worth it!

If you are interested you can order it now directly through the Viereck Verlag!

[ © photos Herbert Bungartz and Viereck Verlag]

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May 30, 2012

Marcus Nickel

frlp blog 120504 marcus nickel 02

The new website for my super hero web developer is online!!


Nearly every website I have created in the last few years he is responsible for the code, even mine. He needed logo and a new look for his website and I was very happy that finally I was able to make up and give back a bit of all this energy he was putting into all of my web-projects so far.

A project that shows the fantastic results of a work done by two co-workers hand in hand with passion and love for details. Simple and stylish, a bit nerdy and still very sophisticated. Loved to design all these icons!

Thank you very much Marcus, I hope we will work together on great future projects for many, many years.

PS: Testing the site on all the different browsers and devices has been quite an experience ;)

[© Frl.Pfeiffer]

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May 11, 2012


Don't forget!! Two more days until Premiere... take your Mum to cinema for mother's day!! See you on Sunday!

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May 3, 2012

Später Sommer | Late Summer MOVIE PREMIERE

Since 2008 me and my dear friend and colleague Evamaria Schaller were working on this documentary film, and now it will have it's premiere on the 13th of May in Austria at the Cinema Paradiso. I am so very excited and looking so much forward to it! Would be great to meet you there!


© Austria 2011
Format: HDV
Length: 62 minutes
Language: dialekt from Austria
Subtitles: english

supported by Land NÖ

How does it feel to be old? How do you live here and now, if your future is shorter than your past? The documentary film shows four 80 year old people in their everydaylife. Every one of them surprises in his special Way. A very intimate Portrait behind the walls of being the olderst generation alive.

The debutfilm from the austrian filmmakers Evamaria Schaller and Nadja Weber is about an issue that will concern everyone of us some day: Being old. Through very young eyes the filmmakers show a very human and surprisingly naturalistic portrait. Especially the openess from the protagonists allows a very private insight into the life and hopes of the elderly.

[© photo Nadja Weber and Evamaria Schaller]

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Apr 3, 2012

Is Yoga some sort of sport?

I am not one of these very sporty persons. I have been trying many different sports and people tell you that at a certain point endorphin is released and whatever you do – if it is running or swimming or whatever – your body responds with happiness. Well, maybe I am one of these persons that can't reach this certain state so easily or... I have  just picked the wrong sports so far.

Still, 5 years ago I have found my way to move my body, center my mind and reach this state of happiness: with yoga. So when my yoga teacher asked me recently to develop some posters and flyers for her yoga classes and her yoga meditation course I was very happy to do so!

Now can you tell me if yoga is some kind of sport? If so, I think I have become one of these very sporty persons!

[© Frl.Pfeiffer]

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Mar 31, 2012

Magic Table Theatre

It seems I am having a magic month. No night circus arrived in Munich as far as I know and thats why I have decided to take part at a similar event... well not so similar indeed but still it was a night to wonder: KRIST & MÜNCH MAGIC TABLE THEATRE.

I was sitting in the first row... the magician was in front of my nose really. It was definitely magic. The magician gave me 4 coins, out of metal, real silver coins (I had time enough testing them) into my open hand. I should close the hand and hold the 4 coins in my well closed fist. Turn it around, and then open it again: 3 coins!! He made one coin disappear. Impossible. I didn't feel any weight loss, nothing...

And this was just the beginning of the show. If you want to spend an evening wondering it is the perfect place to go, very charming and cosy theatre with around 40 seats and very likable magicians anyway. A stunning show you will remember for a very long time.

There is nothing better than turning the world upside down and looking at it in a way you have never been looking with your sane mind.

[© photo Krist and Münch | qzwei.com]

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