Jan 15, 2013

Jim Avignon and the voice of irrationality

jim avignon die stimme der Unvernunft

I was in Colone last weekend and visited the TEAPOT Galerie where I enjoyed the exhibition and performance from  Jim Avignon "The voice of irrationality." Jazzy colours, brimming phantasy, humouros.

Neoangin, a One-Man-Band. Loud. Performativ and critical. Out of it. Very close – and the small hydralic ramp wiggled ugly. Working, Travelling, Painting and Performance. Speed not only within arts. Jim Avignon gives everything, not only on stage. Pop-Up art in the narrow sense of the world.

Aug 19, 2012

The kingg

FrlP Blog 12 08 01 the king and the princess

"and the kingg didn't wantet to gife the princes awaey. tat pig." So true. This signboard was lying in the park and after some resarch I found the source of this sweet sentence that seems like a "german Miranda July": Buchkinder Leipzig an association that encourages children in "free writing" no matter if the words are written correctly or if the sentence makes sense.

These books made by children, make perfect sense though. Often silk screen or linoleum printed, they present a unique source of childhood phantasy and primordial story writing. What a beautiful, honoring idea publishing these stories and illustrations.
Many of these books imply the genuine view of a child's world. This exact world I do go back once in a while, for health care reasons and creative inspiration only of course...

[© Buchkinder Leipzig]

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Jul 29, 2012

Amanda Wachob Art Tattoo

FrlP Blog Amanda Wachob art tattoo 01

FrlP Blog Amanda Wachob art tattoo 02

FrlP Blog Amanda Wachob art tattoo 03

I am surfing the web on a beautiful sunday morning and stumbling upon these beautiful art tattoos. I LOVE them. I have never seen something like that. Amanda Wachob is the name to remember. She creates this amazing piece of art on skin. Amanda Wachob is a New York based artist and isn't only involved within the tattoo business but creates visual art beyond skin as well.
Magazines have reviewed her work already since 2007. Why do I only notice her art now?!

From now on I am starting to save some money, to go to New York and get one of these stunning colored brushstrokes. Well, guess I have to try to get an appointment first. Fully booked nearly a year in advance! These busy women in the arts, tzzz.

[© photos Amanda Wachob]

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Jun 14, 2012

Spiral | Origami Art Design

frlp blog 120601 spiral origami book 01frlp blog 120601 spiral origami book 02
frlp blog 120601 spiral origami book 03

It is finally ready! The book has been printed, refined, bound and is ready to be sold.
Two years ago Paulo Mulatinho from Viereck Verlag started this project together with Tomoko Fuse, a very famous origami artist from Japan. It should be the most astonishing book in Origami – and it is!

Not only the content itself, the graphic design, the layout and concept, the photographs are astonishing, but also the embossing on the hardcover and the sleeve leave a big impression already at the very first moment when you are about to flip through the first pages. 348 pages of elegance and beauty, mesmerizing photographs and "want-to-fold-too" paper spirals. Not only for Origami-lovers but also for designers in every terms, architects and photographers... this is one of the books you simply want to own and show off with on your coffee table.

I only have been part of this process the last four months, but I can tell you it has been very intense from the first hour I was working on this project. I was working with a great team, with very good spirit and endless energy until the bitter end. We had more than one night we spent in front of the computer and more than one valley to stride – but all this lead to this very beautiful piece of Design.
Four months with nearly nothing but spirals – I am glad I was part of this. It was worth it!

If you are interested you can order it now directly through the Viereck Verlag!

[ © photos Herbert Bungartz and Viereck Verlag]

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May 25, 2012

Origami Convention 2012

The owners of the VIERECK VERLAG I have been telling about in an earlier post also do have an Origami Gallery and they do organize an Origami Convention every year in Freising as well.

Every convention has its topic – this year it was about TRACES.

This year due to the wonderful book SPIRAL – Origami | Art | Design that the VIERECK VERLAG has published they invited Tomoko Fuse – the author of the book – as the surprise guest over from Japan.

3 days of folding paper and creating paper craft objects. 200 people folding corner to corner and beyond. Very amazing stuff... 3 days of lessons about different inventions and talks about the philosophical background of folding and folds and traces in general as well as in particular.

Left very much a trace,...

[© photo Frl.Pfeiffer – objects from Heinz Strobl]

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Mar 12, 2012

Origami Art

Recently I stumbled over a very interesting publisher. Actually they stumbled over me and now suddenly somehow I am spending my days in Freising where I am involved in a fantastic book project.

VIERECK VERLAG is a very small publisher. Their topic is origami and origami art. They are selling origami books from all over the world especially from Japan, as well as origami paper and everything you need to make beautiful origami artworks. Now they are about to publish their very own first book in Summer.

Origami. A whole new world to me. There is a REAL world behind one would never expect. Beyond the well known paper-ships and paper-cranes and all I didn't know that there exists something like paper-art and even industrial origami. Did you know that some origami artists develop techniques such as for space travel to fold solar sails?! Or that BMW is very much connected to industrial origami in terms of developing shapes for their new cars?

Anyways, I was asked to work with them on the first book of the VIERECK VERLAG:

SPIRAL |Origami | Art | Design
from Tomoko Fuse, a very well known Origami Artist from Japan. Nearly 400 pages of beautiful pictures by Herbert Bungartz and Spiral-Origami of Tomoko Fuse published by Paulo Mulatinho and Silke Schröder.

Thank you for letting me be part of this spectacular project.

[© photo Herbert Bungartz]

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Mar 11, 2012

Opposites attract | Video Trailer

Opposites Attract from Sarah Pfeiffer on Vimeo.

One loves freedom and being spontaneous – the other is stucked in her own controlled world. What happens when they meet each other?


My sister is a vertical rope artist and my husband is a musician. When my sister Sarah had the premiere of her first big show I was honored to produce the video trailer for her cirque noveau show called OPPOSITES ATTRACT. My husband Tobi Weber composed the music and did the audio design. Therefore it turned into a beautiful family project.

Sarah Pfeiffer did this very new and fresh show together with her circus team colleague Josefine Rheinfurth. They wrote, directed and performed OPPOSITES ATTRACT all by themselves and their Premiere in Berlin was a huge success.
It is a very touching and astonishing debut of these two talented young female rope artists. It raises great laughter and opens space for very deep moments at the same time. This new generation of artists have a very sophisticated way to express their view of the world within cirque noveau.The typeanimation and the sounddesign should give a brief insight what this theatre piece has to offer…
Future performances to be announced at pfeiffersarah.com

[© video Fräulein Pfeiffer]

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Feb 17, 2012

Marina Abramovic | The artist is present

the artist is present

The hardest thing is to do something which is close to nothing.

The last years I always have been to the Berlinale film festival watching at least 4 films a day or more. This year I heavily reduced this number to one film a day. This year I actually see something of Berlin as well besides cinemas, busses and the underground.

There is one film I want to pick out: I was especially moved by the new documentary "The artist is present" about Marina Abramovic and her preparation for her major retrospective of her work, in the museum or modern art in New York from March to May 2012. I am not very much a fan of performance art, but this film in particular has taught me to give this certain form of art at least a chance.

Very pure, very touching, extraordinary moving. Her work is radical but the piece at the MOMA is beyond radical. In my point of view she transformed the most meaningful expression of us humans into a piece of art: LOOKING SOMEONE INTO HIS EYES AND BYOND THEM.

[© photo Marco Anelli]

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Feb 8, 2012

Phoebe Lesch | My responsive masterpiece

Phoebe Lesch is a sculptor from Munich who currently lives in Italy. I really adore her work and I am really glad that I was able to design her online portfolio.

Presenting art through design is a difficult topic and I was very surprised that the communication between the designer and the artist went so smoothly. No interference at all. The opposite: it was a great symbiosis.

Also the communication between the designer and the web developer (Marcus Nickel) was very constructive within this project. The result is a responsive masterpiece. Simple and stunning on every device. Look for yourself!

Or visit the artists website: www.phoebelesch.net

[© Frl.Pfeiffer]

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Jan 28, 2012

Last nights last minute idea

Which freelancer – in any business area – has not experienced it? You are invited to an opening, very special people, press, TV, hopefully future clients. First question (at least for women): What to wear? Second question: Why haven't I decided which one of my business card ideas to print yet?

DIY – is this weeks motto it seems. So I did.

I really like the way the idea turned out. It was so much fun to experiment and again I made my hands dirty. The best thing was, that the few people I handed out a card to (the reality is that there were not too many future clients present at last nights event) loved it very much. I let them choose a colour... and I am sure – especially to the non-creative business people – these crayons left an  impression.

[© Fräulein Pfeiffer ]

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