Jun 14, 2012

Spiral | Origami Art Design

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It is finally ready! The book has been printed, refined, bound and is ready to be sold.
Two years ago Paulo Mulatinho from Viereck Verlag started this project together with Tomoko Fuse, a very famous origami artist from Japan. It should be the most astonishing book in Origami – and it is!

Not only the content itself, the graphic design, the layout and concept, the photographs are astonishing, but also the embossing on the hardcover and the sleeve leave a big impression already at the very first moment when you are about to flip through the first pages. 348 pages of elegance and beauty, mesmerizing photographs and "want-to-fold-too" paper spirals. Not only for Origami-lovers but also for designers in every terms, architects and photographers... this is one of the books you simply want to own and show off with on your coffee table.

I only have been part of this process the last four months, but I can tell you it has been very intense from the first hour I was working on this project. I was working with a great team, with very good spirit and endless energy until the bitter end. We had more than one night we spent in front of the computer and more than one valley to stride – but all this lead to this very beautiful piece of Design.
Four months with nearly nothing but spirals – I am glad I was part of this. It was worth it!

If you are interested you can order it now directly through the Viereck Verlag!

[ © photos Herbert Bungartz and Viereck Verlag]

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