Jun 27, 2012

Molz Fotografie

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It is always great when people decide to turn their beloved hobby into a profession. Michael Molzar did so. A photographer from Vienna who decided to have fun at work in three different genres: sports, weddings, children. He asked me to develop a very new and different corporate identity. So I did.

Do you know the legend about tangram? I guessed that capturing the beauty of the world within just one rectangle goes very well with what a photographer does. Michael very much liked this idea and I was glad he has chosen this special concept for his corporate look.
His nickname always has been MOLZ so we used that name and I developed a tangram-like logotype using the "O" as a camera icon. This icon - isolated from the logotype - is perfect as a very reserved watermark for his pictures. Further, me and my trainee Annika had so much fun playing tangram on the computer and developing this three genre-icons in addition to the logotype and the watermark.

Definitely MOLZ FOTOGRAFIE will not only attract one's attention through his marvelous photographs but also catch one's eye through its very outstanding corporate clothing, ...

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