Jan 28, 2012

Last nights last minute idea

Which freelancer – in any business area – has not experienced it? You are invited to an opening, very special people, press, TV, hopefully future clients. First question (at least for women): What to wear? Second question: Why haven't I decided which one of my business card ideas to print yet?

DIY – is this weeks motto it seems. So I did.

I really like the way the idea turned out. It was so much fun to experiment and again I made my hands dirty. The best thing was, that the few people I handed out a card to (the reality is that there were not too many future clients present at last nights event) loved it very much. I let them choose a colour... and I am sure – especially to the non-creative business people – these crayons left an  impression.

[© Fräulein Pfeiffer ]

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