Oct 17, 2011

Responsive Design

responisve design

Nowadays webdesign is a battlefield.

I like to observe people and you do learn a lot by observing indeed. Sitting in the subway and watching other people furiously tipping with two fingers on their smartphones makes me chuckle. I am getting tiered myself by trying to scale all those websites on my little smartphonescreen.

BUT. There is help.

It is called Responsive Design. A design concept that is suited for every resolution and window width – from smartphones until the huge cinema desktop screen. It uses fluid grids, flexible images and media queries. It is getting more popular every day – finally also the big newspapers are getting a responsive REdesign.

The graphic above shows the development of the surfing behavior. 2014 there will be more mobile internet users than desktop monitor internet users. (source: Morgan Stanley)

Is your website prepared?

Nearly every client wants to have a mobile solution for their website. Well, today there are so many mobile devices and there will be even more in the future. Composing a website with responsive design is a huge challenge. The fluid design has to be brilliant in all the different formats with all the different window widths, user preferences, screen resolutions, browsers,...

The site has to adjust automatically and no matter which device is used, the design should stay as functional and beautiful at every size. Hopefully this makes the web not only more functional but also prettier – at least the webdesigners have to think deeply about what they are intending.

Lets get responsive!

Your site needs a responsive REdesign? Contact me
Together with my master of code Mr. Marcus Nickel I will make your website special!

[graphic: source © morgan stanley research]

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