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Santino Primavera der Salon


Santino Primavera is one of Munich's Star-Hairdressers. (I guess it is true that munich has a lot of hairdressers, due to the fact, that this is my third Identity for a hairdresser.)

Santino himself is a very charming and funny italian. Very creative and very outgoing as well. He already had his own TV-casting-show and is very present in the local media. We had lots of fun working together.

He opened his own Saloon and he wanted a special branding not every hairdresser in munich has. The whole saloon is very chic and trendy mixed with old-style wallpapers and chandeliers. I very much adapted the style from the interior design for the graphics.

In the end all togehter had a bit of an old fashioned touch, so I CUT the images and arranged them in a new way. It turned out beautifully and I just love the contrast between the flea market wallpaper and the modern triangles, the embossed silver printing just gives the whole identity the perfect glamour touch.

Visit  or much better make an appointment at Santino Primavera der Salon.