I am a designer and a visual Consultant.
I create visual content
for Web, Print and Video.

I am also a  filmmaker, part-time artist, a full-time thinker and secret writer of short stories. I play the cello, I like to go on adventures and I like to make pies in my kitchen... I love to be surrounded by beauty and happiness and I am passionate about design – especially printed or online experiments.

Find out more about me.

You have got an idea or a project but you don't have a visual appearance?

Well, I can help make your project or idea look good and even better and I will help you to communicate your message. As a designer my beliefs are not only in beauty and passion but also in functionality and usability. I would like to work together with you, so if you like my work don't hesitate and contact me.

I like to try things. I like to experiment. I want to explore the world and its possibilities.

I am a person that doesn‘t really go for the „save“ option – only for the logical aim. With all the experiments and lessons along the way, I am still aiming for perfection and highest standards within the best creative solutions.

If your project, business or idea aims for the same ideals – let me work for you.

Sometimes it is better to get ready, to fire and to aim in the end.

My creative process evolves like this. I am getting started, I let all my ideas and stupid phantasies come together, scribbling, drawing, having fun, joking around, going for a walk, watching people in the underground,... And throughout this process – going through the world with an open mind – I will see clearly and suddenly there is the final goal I was aiming for deep inside without knowing.