Marcus Nickel

Identity | Website

Years ago, when I was asked to create my first website for a client, I was searching for a good web developer. One, who would be patient enough to work with me. One who would be loving his job as much as I love mine. One who is creative with code and yet a perfectionist within technical details. It seemed like mission impossible to find someone fitting into this profile.

But I have found my super hero web developer!

Nearly every website I have created in the last few years he is responsible for the code, even mine. He needed a logo and a new look for his website and I was very happy that finally I was able to make up and give back a bit of all this energy he was putting into all of my web-projects so far.

A project that shows the fantastic results of a work done by two co-workers hand in hand with passion and love for details. Simple and stylish, a bit nerdy and still very sophisticated. Loved to design all these icons!

Thank you very much Marcus, I hope we will work together on great future projects for many, many years.

And now please open the curtain for