Oct 7, 2011

Whores' glory

whores glory

I have always liked the controversial style from the austrian filmmaker Michael Glawogger but its latest documentary WHORES' GLORY is a real eye-opener. A cinematic triptych – as the filmmaker announces it – that portraits the every day life of prostitutes in Thailand, Bangladesh and Mexico. Fascinating and shocking at once, this documentary is definitely worth skipping  dinner with your friends.

Beautiful, arranged images; Very distant and distracted by the aesthetics then very touching and brutal as well. A portrait that shows the rituals within one of the oldest businesses on earth. The film focuses on the personal stories and doesn't really tell much about legal backgrounds, statistics or any political topics. The protagonists are taken very seriously and the film keeps their dignity. Still the film takes you on a very physical and emotional journey through a world many of us don't know much about.

documentary (110 min.)
Austria, 2011

DIRECTOR Michael Glawogger
CAMERA   Wolfgang Thaler
EDITING   Monika Willi

[photo: G.M.B. Akash © Filmladen Filmverleih]

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Oct 4, 2011

A tea you see

Pukka Tea 01Pukka Tea 02Pukka Tea 03

I am a real tea-drinker. In the mornings, in the evenings, during the day. I never know where to store all the ugly tea-packages in my kitchen though. This is, why I am having a long-time relationship with PUKKA teas since they are available in the stores in germany. I don't have to hide my tea collection behind closed kitchen units anymore.

I really like the ornamental design and the colors which are going so well together. I am sure it is a look that mostly appeals to women. Design for organic products is mostly very old-fashioned but in the last years these slightly over-priced products have found their way to beauty. Thanks to THE SPACE CREATIVE!

Besides all this: All these teas are not only healthy and awfully pretty but just taste delicious. In this case I have to say – beautiful outside and terrific inside. You drink with your eyes first.

[photo © pukkaherbs.com]

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Oct 2, 2011

Upcoming Musicvideo soon!

Herzton | Eine Sekunde von mir

Poenitsch and Jakopic are two musicians who recently finished the work on their latest album "Herzton". They asked me to make the video for the album title. I had so much fun shooting with the musicians and ... well I will not spoil the surprise...

Lets just say, the video turned out fantastic. I mixed video footage with typography and graphic elements in After Effects. Unfortunately the album hasn't been released yet and I am not allowed to show the video already. I am so very excited to have it published via i-tunes soon.

Have a look on their latest interview.

[photo © Nadja Weber]

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Oct 1, 2011

Hello, and welcome!

Hello, and welcome to my website. After years and years – finally Fräulein Pfeiffer is publishing her work.

I have to say thank you to all my friends, family and colleagues who have been persistent over the years and who have encouraged me to publish my projects. Special thanks goes out to my great friend and mad scientist of code Marcus Nickel who is mainly responsible that this website made its way from my dusty drawer into the world wide web. (Thank you Marcus, I know I can be persistent too!)

I founded Fräulein Pfeiffer 2006 right after receiving my diploma in MultiMediaArts. I started as a freelance graphic designer but I could not deny my multiple interests. Therefore I am not only a designer. Frl. Pfeiffer is more or less understood as an interdisciplinary creative Studio. SYSTEMS FOR VISUAL CREATION. I create visually in a multi-media context.

I am also a filmmaker and a photographer, I create 2D motion graphics, stop-motion animations and music videos. At the moment I am also writing my first feature film screenplay on weekends. I am offering stop-motion workshops for children in schools which is a lot of fun too.

This blog will be a collection of my work, inspirations, musings and experiences. Soon you will find out more about me if you follow my blog – you can also follow me on facebook!

If you have any questions, comments, submissions, or you just want to say hello... Drop me a note!

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