May 25, 2012

Origami Convention 2012

The owners of the VIERECK VERLAG I have been telling about in an earlier post also do have an Origami Gallery and they do organize an Origami Convention every year in Freising as well.

Every convention has its topic – this year it was about TRACES.

This year due to the wonderful book SPIRAL – Origami | Art | Design that the VIERECK VERLAG has published they invited Tomoko Fuse – the author of the book – as the surprise guest over from Japan.

3 days of folding paper and creating paper craft objects. 200 people folding corner to corner and beyond. Very amazing stuff... 3 days of lessons about different inventions and talks about the philosophical background of folding and folds and traces in general as well as in particular.

Left very much a trace,...

[© photo Frl.Pfeiffer – objects from Heinz Strobl]

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