Apr 03, 2012

Is Yoga some sort of sport?

I am not one of these very sporty persons. I have been trying many different sports and people tell you that at a certain point endorphin is released and whatever you do – if it is running or swimming or whatever – your body responds with happiness. Well, maybe I am one of these persons that can't reach this certain state so easily or... I have  just picked the wrong sports so far.

Still, 5 years ago I have found my way to move my body, center my mind and reach this state of happiness: with yoga. So when my yoga teacher asked me recently to develop some posters and flyers for her yoga classes and her yoga meditation course I was very happy to do so!

Now can you tell me if yoga is some kind of sport? If so, I think I have become one of these very sporty persons!

[© Frl.Pfeiffer]

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