Mar 31, 2012

Magic Table Theatre

It seems I am having a magic month. No night circus arrived in Munich as far as I know and thats why I have decided to take part at a similar event... well not so similar indeed but still it was a night to wonder: KRIST & MÜNCH MAGIC TABLE THEATRE.

I was sitting in the first row... the magician was in front of my nose really. It was definitely magic. The magician gave me 4 coins, out of metal, real silver coins (I had time enough testing them) into my open hand. I should close the hand and hold the 4 coins in my well closed fist. Turn it around, and then open it again: 3 coins!! He made one coin disappear. Impossible. I didn't feel any weight loss, nothing...

And this was just the beginning of the show. If you want to spend an evening wondering it is the perfect place to go, very charming and cosy theatre with around 40 seats and very likable magicians anyway. A stunning show you will remember for a very long time.

There is nothing better than turning the world upside down and looking at it in a way you have never been looking with your sane mind.

[© photo Krist and Münch |]

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