Oct 04, 2011

A tea you see

Pukka Tea 01Pukka Tea 02Pukka Tea 03

I am a real tea-drinker. In the mornings, in the evenings, during the day. I never know where to store all the ugly tea-packages in my kitchen though. This is, why I am having a long-time relationship with PUKKA teas since they are available in the stores in germany. I don't have to hide my tea collection behind closed kitchen units anymore.

I really like the ornamental design and the colors which are going so well together. I am sure it is a look that mostly appeals to women. Design for organic products is mostly very old-fashioned but in the last years these slightly over-priced products have found their way to beauty. Thanks to THE SPACE CREATIVE!

Besides all this: All these teas are not only healthy and awfully pretty but just taste delicious. In this case I have to say – beautiful outside and terrific inside. You drink with your eyes first.

[photo © pukkaherbs.com]

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