Oct 01, 2012


Woyzeck–Wozzeck Münchner Kammerspiele

Woyzeck/Wozzeck did have a great premiere in the Münchner Kammerspiele yesterday.

A highly impressive ensemble, an intensive and exhausting production, a spectacular stage set and outstanding musicians. With this piece the young director Barbara Wysocka created a whole new world of commuters and exposes a painful point of view throughout the themes of guilt and constraint.
This rehash was created from the bases of the fragmental drama of Georg Büchner and the Opera of Alban Berg. Janek Duszynski arranged Alban Berg's music in a whole new way and for a good reason the music is indeed more than accompaniment, a break or an underline. The read thread which the spectator is able to hold on instead of drowning within the violence – whilst Franz Woyzeck (fascinatingly performed by Kristof van Boven) is wading, running, swimming, falling... through the knee deep swimming pool.

The cold is creeping under your skin and watching the permanent wetness in symbioses with the music makes you want to break out or at least help. With a lot of strength you have to remind yourself to breath – that much volume, distress, coercion, power, loss, pain, loneliness and suffering are overwhelming yourself.

A haunting and honest stage play.

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