Oct 16, 2012

Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble 01

Apple Crumble 02

Apple Crumble 03

Apple Crumble 04

My husband does really LOVE my austrian special sweet backery. BUT, there is one thing he claims the americans have done pretty well: The Apple Crumble! Now during apple season we do have one nearly every 3rd day. Also because it is just too simple:

1) 5 big sour apples
> wash them, cut them in little cubes and put a bit lemon juice on top (and mix grated nuts among it), spread it in the baking dish

2) mix 100g butter and 100g brown sugar together with 175g flour (and a bit of cinnamon) 
> with the mixer and crumble it over the apples

3) backing at 200° degrees for 30 minutes

4) afterwords served with vanilla ice cream, cherries or blackberrys or something like that – the hotter the better!
And be quick, because if you start "crumbling" suddenly there are only crumbles left!

Bon appetit! And happy birthday grandma!

[ © Frl.Pfeiffer]

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