Jan 25, 2012

DIY Wave

Do It Yourself is everywhere and the last two years it really spread around my circle of friends. There is nothing better than finishing a project and finally realizing that you have a free afternoon in front of you...

Since my wheat allergy has stopped me from eating sweets (and pizza or anything unhealthy "wheaty" thing nearly) I decided to mess around in my recently very unused kitchen.

Banana-Chocolate Muffins.
The recipe for the chocolate muffins I got at smittenkitchen my very favorite recipe website. To pimp the muffins a little bit I did roast little pieces of banana with honey and mixed it under the dough.
Unfortunately the muffins did not really raise (due to the spelt-flour or the bananas maybe) but they taste delicious anyway.

I love to get my hands dirty once in a while! And now you have to excuse me, I have 23 muffins to eat.

[photo © Fräulein Pfeiffer]

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