Nov 05, 2011

over your cities grass will grow

over the cities grass will grow

We all know Anselm Kiefer – if you don't know him, get to know him.

A documentary about his work was released in theaters last week:  OVER YOUR CITIES GRASS WILL GROW SOPHIE FIENNES – the british director – completed an outstanding job here.

Architecture, Painting, Installation and Landscape melt and transform into an artistic synthesis. The film is spectacular. Everything just fits. The images (REMKO SCHNORR) the editing (ETHEL SHEPHERD) and especially the sounddesign (RANKO PAUKOVIC)... It puts Anselm Kiefer and his work into the light of beauty where it belongs.

Poetic observation – monumental thinking – a work of beauty in any terms.

Some days ago, Anselm Kiefer announced he wants to buy a nuclear power plant that has been taken out of service in Germany. I am full of curiosity about this controversy artwork...

[photo © mindjazz pictures | over your cities grass will grow 2011]

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