Oct 07, 2011

Whores' glory

whores glory

I have always liked the controversial style from the austrian filmmaker Michael Glawogger but its latest documentary WHORES' GLORY is a real eye-opener. A cinematic triptych – as the filmmaker announces it – that portraits the every day life of prostitutes in Thailand, Bangladesh and Mexico. Fascinating and shocking at once, this documentary is definitely worth skipping  dinner with your friends.

Beautiful, arranged images; Very distant and distracted by the aesthetics then very touching and brutal as well. A portrait that shows the rituals within one of the oldest businesses on earth. The film focuses on the personal stories and doesn't really tell much about legal backgrounds, statistics or any political topics. The protagonists are taken very seriously and the film keeps their dignity. Still the film takes you on a very physical and emotional journey through a world many of us don't know much about.

documentary (110 min.)
Austria, 2011

DIRECTOR Michael Glawogger
CAMERA   Wolfgang Thaler
EDITING   Monika Willi

[photo: G.M.B. Akash © Filmladen Filmverleih]

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