Oct 12, 2011

Remember the milk

londij 01londij 02

I have an childish addiction to games and playful everyday objects. 3D games. REAL ones. Touchable ones. Beautiful ones. The spanish company LONDJI is a  universe of classic games, toys and creation. They create gorgeous designer-games.

My favorite thing is REMEMBER THE MILK – a very playful shopping list that consists of 40 little fridgemagnets with cute drawings of food on it. In the morning during my tea water is heating up, I play around with it – put the pizza beneath the remember-button. The carrots beside...

Only my husband doesn't seem to remember the milk and he complains that he can not take the fridge with himself shopping and he prefers the handwritten list. Well – I will not get rid of my beautiful magnet shopping list though.

[photo © londji]

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Oct 8, 2011

Souvenirs of the Unexpected

Keetra Dean Dixon 01

Keetra Dean Dixon 02

Keetra Dean Dixon 03

Keetra Dean Dixon 04

This year I met Keetra Dean Dixon at OFFF 2011 in Barcelona. She is such a great artist and designer. I just love her freaky ideas and the whole self-made stuff she is creating. She is a real thinker and her projects are filled with love and passion. Keetra adds so much happiness and soul to her ideas – there is no way to ignore her.

I especially like the cordial invitations series and the self-made photo-booth project Souvenirs of the Unexpected.

[photo © KeetraDeanDixon]

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Oct 4, 2011

A tea you see

Pukka Tea 01Pukka Tea 02Pukka Tea 03

I am a real tea-drinker. In the mornings, in the evenings, during the day. I never know where to store all the ugly tea-packages in my kitchen though. This is, why I am having a long-time relationship with PUKKA teas since they are available in the stores in germany. I don't have to hide my tea collection behind closed kitchen units anymore.

I really like the ornamental design and the colors which are going so well together. I am sure it is a look that mostly appeals to women. Design for organic products is mostly very old-fashioned but in the last years these slightly over-priced products have found their way to beauty. Thanks to THE SPACE CREATIVE!

Besides all this: All these teas are not only healthy and awfully pretty but just taste delicious. In this case I have to say – beautiful outside and terrific inside. You drink with your eyes first.

[photo © pukkaherbs.com]

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