Oct 28, 2011

Ina Kent

As an Austrian girl I am a big fan of Austrian designers (of course).

I came across INA KENT and her storytelling bags about a year ago. I loved the multiple functionality of the bags and the colours and the shape and the quality of the leather... everything – I fell for the bags immediately and I had to buy one immediately too. Only a small one for my small pocket though.

Today I came across the design studio who is responsible for the corporate identity of INA KENT. I like the simplicity of the logo and the luxury impression the image concept is giving. It perfectly fits to the extraordinary bags. They are located in Austria too (of course): MICK GAPP I am curious if they are fixing Ina Kent's website too soon...

Now I started saving for a big bag.

[photo: © MickGapp | Lisa Fleck | Helmut Rasinger]

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Oct 21, 2011

A cool tool.

solo software

I have to admit, I am a very disciplined and organized person. My friends, my family and also my clients can proof that. But, once in a while a girl needs some tools to help her organize her daily working life!

I have tested the software SOLO – a tool - especially developed for freelancers – to help with the project management. Dashboard, Projects, Planner, Timesheets, Invoice, Messages, Contacts ... everything there – I believe it is the most beautiful management software I have seen so far.

I think it is definitly worth a 100 Euros per year. Saving time and nerves is always worth some money.

[photo © thrivesolo]

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Oct 21, 2011

Let's go into the future

the future

Today my personal hero will be in town. And I will meet her.


I am following Miranda Julys work since many, many years and fell in love with her art at first sight. She is the best example for me, that it is possible to work in many different genres and be as successful in one area as in others. She is a performance artist SLASH filmmaker SLASH  actress SLASH writer SLASH artist in general. She and her work had become very popular over the last years and I believe it is very difficult to remain grounded with all ballyhoo...

I still like her work and I worship her way of thinking and creating. Miranda July has a very unique style and I hope she is able to keep it that way.

Today she is presenting her new feature film THE FUTURE in Munich. I saw THE FUTURE at the Berlinale Film Festival earlier this year already and I was impressed how she sketches the lostness of our 30-something generation. She draws a perfect line between weird scenery and very genuine situations at the same time.

But see for yourself. For example tonight at the MONOPOL Cinema in Munich at 19:00. Miranda will be there as well.

PS: Her brand new book came out last week IT CHOOSES YOU. I am very curious about that one. You can get a copy here already.

[photo © miranda july | the future 2011]

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Oct 17, 2011

Responsive Design

responisve design

Nowadays webdesign is a battlefield.

I like to observe people and you do learn a lot by observing indeed. Sitting in the subway and watching other people furiously tipping with two fingers on their smartphones makes me chuckle. I am getting tiered myself by trying to scale all those websites on my little smartphonescreen.

BUT. There is help.

It is called Responsive Design. A design concept that is suited for every resolution and window width – from smartphones until the huge cinema desktop screen. It uses fluid grids, flexible images and media queries. It is getting more popular every day – finally also the big newspapers are getting a responsive REdesign.

The graphic above shows the development of the surfing behavior. 2014 there will be more mobile internet users than desktop monitor internet users. (source: Morgan Stanley)

Is your website prepared?

Nearly every client wants to have a mobile solution for their website. Well, today there are so many mobile devices and there will be even more in the future. Composing a website with responsive design is a huge challenge. The fluid design has to be brilliant in all the different formats with all the different window widths, user preferences, screen resolutions, browsers,...

The site has to adjust automatically and no matter which device is used, the design should stay as functional and beautiful at every size. Hopefully this makes the web not only more functional but also prettier – at least the webdesigners have to think deeply about what they are intending.

Lets get responsive!

Your site needs a responsive REdesign? Contact me
Together with my master of code Mr. Marcus Nickel I will make your website special!

[graphic: source © morgan stanley research]

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Oct 12, 2011

Remember the milk

londij 01londij 02

I have an childish addiction to games and playful everyday objects. 3D games. REAL ones. Touchable ones. Beautiful ones. The spanish company LONDJI is a  universe of classic games, toys and creation. They create gorgeous designer-games.

My favorite thing is REMEMBER THE MILK – a very playful shopping list that consists of 40 little fridgemagnets with cute drawings of food on it. In the morning during my tea water is heating up, I play around with it – put the pizza beneath the remember-button. The carrots beside...

Only my husband doesn't seem to remember the milk and he complains that he can not take the fridge with himself shopping and he prefers the handwritten list. Well – I will not get rid of my beautiful magnet shopping list though.

[photo © londji]

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Oct 10, 2011


Finish this book 01Finish this book 02

After "Wreck this journal", "This is not a book" and "The manual of accidents and mistakes" KERI SMITH has published her new book "F NISH TH S B  K" in September. I really like these art books and I am amazed what people are able to do with a book – mine is still new and neat and I am still fighting my fear. I will keep you posted and show you my results.

[photo © Keri Smith]

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Oct 8, 2011

Souvenirs of the Unexpected

Keetra Dean Dixon 01

Keetra Dean Dixon 02

Keetra Dean Dixon 03

Keetra Dean Dixon 04

This year I met Keetra Dean Dixon at OFFF 2011 in Barcelona. She is such a great artist and designer. I just love her freaky ideas and the whole self-made stuff she is creating. She is a real thinker and her projects are filled with love and passion. Keetra adds so much happiness and soul to her ideas – there is no way to ignore her.

I especially like the cordial invitations series and the self-made photo-booth project Souvenirs of the Unexpected.

[photo © KeetraDeanDixon]

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Oct 7, 2011

Whores' glory

whores glory

I have always liked the controversial style from the austrian filmmaker Michael Glawogger but its latest documentary WHORES' GLORY is a real eye-opener. A cinematic triptych – as the filmmaker announces it – that portraits the every day life of prostitutes in Thailand, Bangladesh and Mexico. Fascinating and shocking at once, this documentary is definitely worth skipping  dinner with your friends.

Beautiful, arranged images; Very distant and distracted by the aesthetics then very touching and brutal as well. A portrait that shows the rituals within one of the oldest businesses on earth. The film focuses on the personal stories and doesn't really tell much about legal backgrounds, statistics or any political topics. The protagonists are taken very seriously and the film keeps their dignity. Still the film takes you on a very physical and emotional journey through a world many of us don't know much about.

documentary (110 min.)
Austria, 2011

DIRECTOR Michael Glawogger
CAMERA   Wolfgang Thaler
EDITING   Monika Willi

[photo: G.M.B. Akash © Filmladen Filmverleih]

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Oct 4, 2011

A tea you see

Pukka Tea 01Pukka Tea 02Pukka Tea 03

I am a real tea-drinker. In the mornings, in the evenings, during the day. I never know where to store all the ugly tea-packages in my kitchen though. This is, why I am having a long-time relationship with PUKKA teas since they are available in the stores in germany. I don't have to hide my tea collection behind closed kitchen units anymore.

I really like the ornamental design and the colors which are going so well together. I am sure it is a look that mostly appeals to women. Design for organic products is mostly very old-fashioned but in the last years these slightly over-priced products have found their way to beauty. Thanks to THE SPACE CREATIVE!

Besides all this: All these teas are not only healthy and awfully pretty but just taste delicious. In this case I have to say – beautiful outside and terrific inside. You drink with your eyes first.

[photo © pukkaherbs.com]

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Oct 2, 2011

Upcoming Musicvideo soon!

Herzton | Eine Sekunde von mir

Poenitsch and Jakopic are two musicians who recently finished the work on their latest album "Herzton". They asked me to make the video for the album title. I had so much fun shooting with the musicians and ... well I will not spoil the surprise...

Lets just say, the video turned out fantastic. I mixed video footage with typography and graphic elements in After Effects. Unfortunately the album hasn't been released yet and I am not allowed to show the video already. I am so very excited to have it published via i-tunes soon.

Have a look on their latest interview.

[photo © Nadja Weber]

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